Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2nd Saturday

Four districts along Douglas: The Douglas Design District, Old Town, Downtown, and Delano, are all participating in a once-a-month shopping promotion.  Participating merchants will give you a deal on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  The deals will vary, but will always be great, and exclusively for people who have a 2nd Saturday tote.  (See below.)

You can buy at tote at any participating merchants (see list below) for $5.  We have them available at the shop now!  Then pull it out once a month and go support your locally-owned businesses.

Twist's Second Saturday promotion is: 10% off everything you can fit in the bag PLUS 25% off yarn in the bag if it's select chunky yarns.  (Basically, that's all chunky yarn except Cascade Eco, Cascade 128, and Berroco Comfort Chunky.)  It will only be good on October 9th, and only if you have a tote.

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Ingrid Potter said...

You sure about that 10% thing? I can fit a LOT of yarn in a bag that big! Are we allowed to bring duffel bags from home? ^_^