Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gift Ideas, Day One

Kicking off our series of gift ideas are these wonderful needle and hook cases from Ashland Sky.

Ashland Sky is located in Ashland, OR, and they manufacture a wonderful series of cases and bags out of a soft, supple vinyl.  These Knit Stick Sacks are flexible and easy to use.  You can fold them in halves or thirds to store flat, or roll them up and stash them in a corner of your bag.  The grosgrain ribbon trim is a special edition, hand dyed by Twisted Sisters Knitting.  The great folks at Ashland Sky have also sewn on our exclusive Twist label!

Get a Crochet Hook Sack, Straight Needle Stick Sack, or Double Pointed Stick Sack for your favorite knitter or crocheter, or for yourself.

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