Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Mirasol, College Color Yarns

I'm so excited about these beautiful yarns from Mirasol.

First, you need to know the story about the Mirasol Project. The proceeds from the yarn sales go to a foundation that runs a boarding school for the children of alpaca shepherds.

Lachiwa is 60% pima cotton, 40% linen, providing the luscious softness of pima cotton and the drape and durability of linen. The colors are the subdued shades of spring. "Lachiwa" means honey in Quechan. 123 yds in a 50g hank means this is a DK weight yarn, and it is $7 per hank.

Wach'i is Quechan for "sun rays." The yarn is 85% pima cotton and 15% silk. The colors are intense, lustrous jewel tones. There are 116 yds in a 50g hank, (worsted weight) and the cost is also $7.

Mirasol has also produced some great little booklets at $10 each. There is one for kids and men, using Lachiwa. Another for babies & toddlers using Wach'i. There are a couple more for women, one that's exclusively cardigans and the other with a variety of sweater patterns.

Fiesta Yarns has custom-dyed some fingering weight yarn for these great little neckwarmer kits. You get 100g of yarn and a pattern. And the custom dye jobs? Why school colors, of course. Choose from Wichita State, Kansas State, or University of Kansas colors.

The neckwarmer is a little scarflette - you pull one end through the other - very clever.


Karen in Wichita said...

Is it just the photography/my monitor/my eyes, or is the one on the right red-white-and-blue instead of red-gold-and-blue (or "crimson" and whatever they call the other KU colors)?

twist said...

I do need to get a better picture, but it is red, white & blue. They do two-color combinations for the campus colors. And they left white in with the red & blue so there wouldn't be purple where the dyes overlap. (Can't have purple in a KU scarf, you know.)

Net said...

You can see that the stripes on the left side of the picture are more solid, while the stripes on the right side are more broken. This occurs because of how odd colored blips poke through in purl bumps.

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