Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Like Big Buttons

...and we cannot lie.

I'm so sorry. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

So, lots of new buttons, suddenly. Some wooden buttons (which wash in the washer just fine, thankyouverymuch), some glass buttons, and some made out of stone (jasper and rose leopard.)

Gail Hughes, who makes the amazing handmade resin buttons, just sent some new ones.

These abalone shell buttons are as big as my hand. (My hand in the picture, for perspective.) The other abalone shell buttons are just a little smaller than my hand...

These are mother of pearl. About 1-1/2" tall or 1" tall.

Finally, some new 2" coconut buttons. These are all $3 each, and we got a couple of new colors!


Cherilyn Fisher said...

yes but how do i contact her this gail hughes for art buttons

twist said...

This was a post for our retail store from about four years ago, letting shoppers know that we had these buttons in stock. We no longer carry them. It looks like a google search for "Gail Hughes" is your best bet, to find online retailers.