Thursday, January 28, 2010

Better stock up!

I hear snow is on the way. Do you have a project to see you through the next 5 to 9 inches?

For those of you who missed the sticky note folders around Christmas, we have some more now!

If your crocheted or knitted slippers need reinforcement, we're now carrying suede slipper soles. They have a cushy, synthetic shearling inner sole and holes around the edge, so they're ready to sew onto your slippers. They are $19.99 per pair.

Also, if you've got a magnetic board, we now have stands for them - if you need it to sit up on its own. A stand is $9.59.

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Cedar Acre lady said...

I don't see the new bags on here yet, although I think I saw them on an email that I received. Had to let you know that I simply love my new yarn tote bag! It is perfect!