Monday, January 25, 2010

What else is new?

Colors of Comfort DK have been restocked. I'm counting over 25 here.

Prism Arts Saki yarn (hand-dyed sock yarn in AMAZING colors).
Also from Prism - Merino Mia. One of our all-time favorites.

A couple of different companies make the same yarn - it's a single ply, wool/nylon, fingering weight yarn with long, gradual color changes. We have Wisdom "Poems Sock" and Marks & Kattens "Fame Trend." (They're the same.)

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Raven said...

Stop, stop! I've already dug $28 out of my change jar to feed my habit! (Just had to have two new circulars and some Cascade Fixation for a "beer cozy" swap, and some 100% cotton to knit some hot pads with my son.)