Friday, May 1, 2009

Obsessed? Us?

I didn't properly introduce Susan in her last post, so now I shall. Susan is our own British import who has been knitting since the age of 3. We are so lucky to have her knowledge, enthusiasm, and characteristically dry humor around the shop. Come in on Fridays or during the Saturday Vintage Undie Knit-Along to meet her.


It’s a sickness, I tell you

Thank heavens Shelly finally ordered copies of “Shawls and Scarves” (the best of Knitter’s Magazine, edited by Nancy J. Thomas). My copy is due back at the library this weekend. Notice I say “my” copy. Possessive would be an understatement. Since I discovered this wonderful book I have been checking it out regularly. I get to keep it for four weeks and I can renew it for another four. So I drool over it for two months, then I have to give it back. Boo, hiss. Things became so bad that I would return it and then hover by the check out desk until it was logged back into the system when I would rip it from the librarian’s hand and check it out again. I suffered severe withdrawal symptoms last time I returned it and it was inadvertently returned to the shelf – what? they think this is a library? This was so traumatic an experience that I realized I either needed medication or my own copy. Plus there was the niggling thought that perhaps I was not playing fair by other knitters who might also be addicted to lace. Shelly was good enough to order several copies, so if you want one, get down there quick, they’re going fast!

So there you have it. Any one who wants to read a very dog-eared copy of Shawls and Scarves can now borrow same from the Ford Rockwell branch.

I highly recommend it.


What she's working on:
"In the English Tradition" - how apropos!

Top: Susan's first project from this book, knit in Cascade Alpaca Lace.
Bottom: The pattern she's knitting (yes, look closely, that's Elizabeth Zimmerman!)

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