Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update on Plarn

by Pam

After spending several afternoons cutting the bags into loops and then knotting the loops together, Lee, Robbie, Lee Ann and I started crocheting Saturday afternoon. No one was having much trouble with the plarn. Lee Ann was using hers as a single ply while Lee Ann, Robbie, and I were using the plarn doubled. Lee cut her yarn at about 1/2 an inch wide; Robbie and I had plarn about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. Lee made a neat cover for her bottled water, and thinks it will be good for summer because the plarn won't get soaked with condensation from her bottled water.

I chained about 20 stitches and then worked down one side of the starting chain and then up the other side of the starting chain to make a round, slip stitch to the starting single crochet. Next round, and every round after the first, ch1, sc in same stitch, sc around, end slip stitch into the first ch 1 of the round. The resulting bag isn't as limp as one made from kitchen cotton.

As we worked, the group had several other ideas for items made from plarn. It would be great for going to the pool and bringing back wet swimsuits. Lee Ann said her mother made a sort of mat to put by the back door for muddy/wet shoes. My ancient cats like to sleep on plastic bags because their body heat is reflected back to them. So, if a smaller hook is used, a cat/dog sleeping mat could be made.

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J. Denae said...

My grandmother always had round kitchen rugs made out of plastic bread bags cut in strips and crocheted. She would alternate buying Roman Meal and Rainbow breads for the different colors!