Monday, December 12, 2011

Scarf Mania

We've gotten a load of fun, new scarf yarns lately!
Marley is a super-bulky, self-striping wool yarn. Susan knitted this one-skein scarf in an hour. (Admittedly, she is super-speedy.) But mere mortals, like us, could probably do it in a couple hours. All the colors are beautiful, some are bright and cheerful, others are nice neutrals. Each color is named after a Bob Marley song.


Joy Rainbow is a self-ruffling yarn (like Cha-Cha, where you knit in the side), but it's got a multi-colored, tiny fringe on the edge for added interest and fun. We've got six fun colors. Also, I've recorded a tutorial video on how to knit with this kind of yarn! (Thanks to KPTS for producing our tutorial videos. You can find a list of them on the right-hand side of the blog.)


Have you seen the profusion of mesh yarns like Joy Metallic? You can knit or crochet them in just a couple evenings, and they are delightful. You just turn them sideways, and knit or crochet with the openings on the edge. Juli, pictured below, is another version that we have. We have six colors in each of these yarns.


And other than scarf yarns? We have re-stocked Berroco Comfort (worsted, chunky, and DK!)


 We have re-stocked Cascade Magnum, our favorite super bulky wool yarn.


And we have brand new needles from Serendipity. They are entirely handmade in the US, and engraved exclusively for Twist. If you're looking for a gift for the special knitter in your life, check out our Christmas and winter-themed needles.


Sharon said...

Love the photos and the blog! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a question about a pattern.
I am looking for firefly blanket crotchet pattern. It was in the July/August 2010 Crotchet Today Maganize. Would you know how i could get a copy because the Crotchet Today does not have a copy of it.