Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty and new!

Two-Minute Scarf! (Not even kidding!)
This model was finger-crocheted by my nine year-old son. He'd never done finger crochet before, so it took him about five minutes. You don't need any tools, just your hands. It takes one skein of yarn, and is really fun to do! We'll show you how to do it before you take the yarn home!

 Jill just brought us a bunch of new, beautiful yarn bowls!

Plymouth Happy Feet sock yarn is back! We have lots of wonderful colors in this great-priced yarn.

Plymouth Juli is an alpaca yarn, in a chainette construction, with a bit of silver sparkle. Really soft, but won't split because of its unique construction.

Malizia from Adriafil is a thick-and-thin yarn made from wool and acrylic, with a bit of lame' for sparkle. The sparkle is very soft, you don't even notice it in the fiber.

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carla said...

Love the new yarn bowls!!