Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring continues to arrive...

A couple new yarns to be excited about -
We have restocked our Fantasy Naturale. This is a mercerized cotton yarn from Plymouth that is worsted weight. A nice quality yarn for a great price ($5 for 100g/140 yds).

Another perennial favorite is Sprout - this is the only bulky cotton I have found that is lightweight. It's also organic, incredibly soft, and comes in gorgeous colors. It's $10.50 for 100g/109 yds.

Grass is a hemp/cotton blend that is going to be outstanding for light summer tops (we have a short-sleeved tee pattern in both knit and crochet) or for light scarves. The speckled colors are pretty, and different from what you normally see. It's $7.50 for 50g/115 yds. 65% cotton, 35% hemp.

Firefly is a 75% rayon, 25% linen blend that is shiny, soft, and has a marvelous drape. We especially like it as a Slink. 50g/155 yds, $8.50.

Kid Seta! New colors in a silk/mohair blend. Some of them even sparkle! 50g/230 yds. $11.50, or $13.50 for Kid Seta Noir (the sparkly ones).

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Cori said...

Yay! More grass, and I'm not even allergic to this kind.