Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Dear Neighbor

One of our friends has passed away.

Lee Webster was such an avid and enthusiastic supporter of the Delano District that she introduced herself to me via e-mail even before I opened the shop. From the first time she came in, we were great friends. I am going to miss our conversations.

Her neighbor sent this message:
Dear Twist friends -
I am Lee Webster's neighbor, Sue Brickman. I am at Lee's house writing you to let you know that Lee has passed away and I know you all would want and need to know.
She died peacefully in her sleep early Wednesday morning after having had a wonderful evening at her meeting with the Delano Neighborhood Association on Tuesday evening. Lee's good friend, Dorothy Sullivan, will be the executrix of Lee's estate and will publish a small obituary right away.
Sorry to bring you sad news but I know she loved you all so much and that you needed to know that.
In January of 2008, Lee had me take a picture of her with a young friend - she wanted a picture of the youngest and the oldest person at Stitch & Bitch that evening.



Happy Crocheter said...

Lee will truly be missed by all that knew her. She was a devoted friend and loved her Delano Neighborhood.

Tomatokid said...

This is saddening news, Shelly. Lee will be remembered as a great supporter and a kind friend. I will miss her dear spirit so very much!

RishBish said...

The last time I saw Lee was at the St. Patrick's day parade. I will always remember her squealing in delight. She was a sweet and kind person that will be missed.

Jen in KS said...

I will miss Lee. I still remember when she brought in her old photos and I shared my grandma's and dad's stories of Wichita during the '20s and '30s.