Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gauge for the Weather

by Pam

A couple of weeks ago I was swatching for a sweater I want to make, when I discovered that by going up a needle size or two, or more, from what it suggests on the ball band the resulting fabric has a totally different feel to it. I am knitting one of the "jumpers" from the Vintage Undies Knit-Along (KAL) for one of my granddaughters using cotton sock yarn. Instead of using the size US 3 needle the ball band and pattern call for, I am using a size US 8 needle. The resulting fabric has great drape, and feels more like bamboo or silk than cotton. That experiment led to one with the Wendy sock yarn that Shelly has. That swatch felt positively decadent, and definitely too nice to hide in your shoes!
Wendy "Happy"

There are times when you want a fabric that is fairly dense. You wouldn't want a pair of mittens or a hat that let the wind blow right through. And, winter sweaters should be heavy enough that you don't feel the cold. But, this is summer! Cool knits are in. In the KAL there are a couple of night gown patterns that shortened, and made from the Wendy sock yarn, would be perfect for a pool party, or a get-together at the country club. (Yeah, I know. I don't belong to a country club either, but the dress would still be nice.) You could even make a night gown out of some of the cotton blend DK yarn, using larger needles. Cori is making a night gown from one of the vintage slip patterns and it is looking really great. Come in to the shop and look through the vintage patterns and then join us on Saturdays!

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