Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daisy Stitch

I discovered this stitch in the card set, "101 Stitches to Knit" by Interweave Press. It's card #2, and is called, "Ornamental Stitch." I think it looks particularly well in Puffin yarn (a cut fleece yarn by Crystal Palace). So I wrote a baby blanket pattern around it. (Download pdf)
This tutorial begins with the first pattern row (row 7 on my pattern. The entire stitch pattern is 16 rows long.) It shows you how to make the petals of the daisy and how to purl the next row. The pattern rows start on the right side of the work.

1) Insert right needle in loop (stitch) 3 rows below the 2nd stitch on left needle:

2) Wrap working yarn around right needle as if to knit, and draw up a loop. Pull the loop out sufficiently to cover the distance from the stitch 3 rows down to your right needle. (In other words, don't let it get too tight.)
Wrap yarn:

Draw up a loop:
3) Knit two stitches. Here's what it looks like knitting the next stitch after the long loop:

4) Insert right needle into same stitch 3 rows down and draw up another loop.
5) Knit 2 stitches
6) Draw up a third loop from same stitch. Then your work looks like this:

These 6 steps complete the Daisy Stitch (DS) on the blanket pattern.

When you get to the daisy stitches from the purl side, you will be purling each "petal" (or long stitch) together with the following stitch. Looks like this when you're purling:

When you've completed purling all the petal stitches, your daisy looks like this from the wrong side:

And like this from the right side:

Hurray! Good work.


Crystal Palace Yarns said...

What a great looking stitch for Puffin! May we link from our Crystal Palace Yarns web site Puffin patterns to your pattern?

Susan at CPY

twist said...

Wow, thanks for the notice, Susan! Of course you can link it!

Miss Kate said...


Maya said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I have the "Sampler Afghans" book by Leisure Arts and the instructions were not, NOT clear. The instructions failed to tell the NOVICE knitter that when you pull up a loop, you are putting the needle THROUGH the stitch and then pulling WORKING yarn through the stitch to make the loop. I pulled and tugged at my work so much and was completely lost until I found your post. Thank you again for posting this WITH PICTURES!

Janice said...

Thank you so much for still leaving this up. I too, like Maya am working the Leisure Arts Sampler Afghans and the directions in the book were not clear at all. Your instructions and the accompanying pics were immensely helpful. THANKS.... from a very novice knitter

Pat said...

Make that three grateful knitters who had trouble with this Sampler Book. Thanks . . . and I hope the publisher is taking note!

Cindy Dy said...

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