Friday, May 8, 2009

Congratulations on my humiliation

by Susan G.

I should confess that when I posted this competition I actually had no idea how many projects there were, especially as most of them seemed so embarrassed they were hurling themselves to woolly death off the table making it difficult to manage an accurate count. I managed to corral most of them on the spare bed and sat down with pen and paper to document my humiliation. Yes, I wrote down every single unfinished item. [Shelly: Why didn't you give me the list? I would have liked to post it, too!.]

You know, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. And some of them might even be capable of resuscitation. Of course, that won’t be the socks in elasticized yarn – two balls of same, beige and brown. Let me know if you want it - I don’t. I also think the cotton bedspread is past hope. I just don’t WANT a cotton bedspread any more. I could knit a gazillion dishcloths with that. The bag for my yoga mat needs some thought. I love the traveling rib, but I don’t think whichever dog it was that decided to help quite grasped the importance of keeping the stitches on four needles. Then there’s the raglan sweater in purple chunky yarn with cable decreases. I don’t know…. I can’t see myself wearing it. There were two scarves, two pairs of gloves and a blue mohair hat that seem to have had some issues. One is strangled, another impaled and all are lying in an exhausted, twisted mess. There may be some surgery involved.

So thank you all for playing. I am going to do something nice for myself now to try to recover from the blow to my ego. I mean, what is it about me that makes you all think I’m chronically incapable of finishing anything? Could it have anything to do with the fuss I’m making about those 34 inches of seed stitch (times TWO!!) needed to finish the vintage bra?

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