Thursday, July 4, 2013

Now's the time to start...

We're adding classes with the holidays in mind!

Now is a good time to start on your Christmas Stockings. And even if you don't necessarily need stockings, you can take this class to learn how to do colorwork. We designed this class to teach stranded color knitting, also called Fair Isle knitting. The pattern that we use has 15 different motifs that you can mix and match to make a completely custom stocking, and you can add a name at the top!

Registration and more details here.

One of our all-time most popular patterns is the Felted Clogs pattern from Fiber Trends. You knit the clogs (much bigger than the intended size) and shrink them in the washer to create thick, felt fabric that is warm and durable. In this class, you will knit your clogs (very cleverly and unusually constructed) and we will send you home with detailed instructions on how to felt them in your washing machine.

These are just the first two classes on the schedule. We have more on the way, designed to both teach new techniques and be ideal gifts.

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