Sunday, June 30, 2013

July = Spectacular!

Last year, on July 27, we would have celebrated our 5th birthday. But we were in the middle of reconstructing the shop, and were a little too distracted to celebrate properly.

This month, we're going to make up for it by celebrating Twist's birthday all month long!

Here's how it will work:

Every week we're going to put something on sale for half price. HALF PRICE! It'll be different each week, and I'll announce what it is on the Monday before, so you can be ready for Tuesday, when we open. During the week, it'll be 50% off, and then the remainder of the month, it'll be 30% off. It's going to vary, and I'm going to be extremely secretive, so don't ask for any hints.

How will I announce it? Via e-mail (make sure you're subscribed to the mailing list) and on Facebook. You'll also find it on Twitter, and on this blog.

We'll also be doing these specials during the entire month of July:
Buy $20 or more, get a Twist pop-up tin free with your purchase
Buy $50 or more, get a Twist vinyl tote for $8 (regular price $20-22, depending on size).

During the last week of July, our birthday week, we'll have cookies and a drawing for one of Jill's yarn bowls from Wichita Pottery and one of Jen's handmade project bags from her private label, Jennamay Made.

So, this post was just a little preview. Tomorrow will be the first announcement of the first sale - talk to you then!

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