Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring, Sweet Spring

March starts tomorrow! We're closer to spring, and starting to lighten up the fibers and colors around here.

We are proud to introduce Tahki Cotton Classic, a yarn with a great reputation among crocheters and knitters for its sheen, durability, and versatility. Our first shop sample is this adorable cardigan, made by Tamara. The pattern, called Bella Rebekah, is available in the shop for $8.95. That might seem pricey compared to what you usually pay, but this pattern comes with exceptional support, including videos, to help you every step of the way. Tamara loves this pattern so much, she's going to make a sweater in every weight of yarn we have.

Cotton Classic comes in a zillion colors, we have started with 15, and will add more as the weather gets warmer.

How cute are these HiyaHiya point protectors? They're pandas knitting little socks. Seriously. They come in large and small.

Incidentally, that's a new color of Malabrigo Worsted Merino there in the background, called Lettuce. We got a few semi-solid colors this week, including grey and pink.

Also from Malabrigo, a little Sock. (Not much, I only order what they have on hand, it's quicker that way. This is what was available.)

I just finished knitting this awesome shawl, called Criss Cross, out of another new yarn, Berroco Floret. I LOVE THIS YARN. It is so soft, and has such beautiful drape. I want to knit a million things out of it. Right now.

I'm looking forward to showing you new and exciting things as they arrive. We're introducing a line of cotton yarn called Made in America. As the name implies, they are domestically produced yarns. We are getting some gorgeous chunky cotton, kettle dyed in amazing, vibrant colors. I'll also be talking up the Sock Club and the soon-to-be-introduced Shawl Club.


Ash said...

Absolutely awesome! Love the point protectors!

Dawn Jones, Spinner Extraordonaire said...

I love the shawl. The stitches are a bit unusual and interesting.