Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New this week (so far...)

Ty-Dy Sock yarn is one of the best sock yarns around, it's soft, but durable, and comes in the prettiest colors!

This yarn makes a great-looking Multnomah (a free pattern.) Take a look!
(Click to see all the Multnomahs done in this yarn.)

This is called Ty-Dy Skinny Stripes. The yarn has just a bit of texture. I can't wait to try it, the colors are amazing!

Juno is an absolutely gorgeous alpaca-blend, chunky yarn that's a chainette construction. You have to see and feel it, it's stunning.
I think it would be perfect for this pattern: GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley.
It would take 4 skeins for this particular pattern.

Inca Alpaca - finally, we have some 100% alpaca! We have a variety of bright, fun colors, several shades of grey, taupe, and cream (see below).

I love this Inca Alpaca pattern from Classic Elite, Adriana. It would take five skeins. You can purchase this pattern in the shop, if you wish.

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