Friday, March 30, 2012

New for Spring!

Wait, don't put down your needlework yet! There are lots of great, new things in the shop to keep you excited as the weather gets warmer.

One of our favorite warm-weather yarns is Catania. It's a sport-weight, mercerized cotton that comes in beautiful colors. We've gotten a new one - Catania Color Fashion, which is self-patterning. Catania Color is variegated, and then we have lovely solid colors.

We have a new book for Catania, which is mostly crochet patterns, and they are wonderful!


A new yarn this season is Cotton Bamboo Batik. It's a DK, cotton/bamboo blend. It's self-striping, and we have a couple of fantastic books, too: one for kids, one knitting, and one crochet, that use this yarn.


We have restocked our Cascade Ultra Pima, which is our most popular cotton yarn. It's DK, mercerized cotton, and very shiny and soft.


Luna is a worsted-weight cotton, in a bumpy texture and variegated colors, that is soft and light. We're making a Baby Surprise Jacket, as well as washcloths, out of this yarn, with great results.


Butterfly 10 is a lovely cotton from Greece. DK weight, and 249 yards in each hank. It's a joy to work with! I have crocheted a hat out of it, and love it.


Bravo Rainbow Color comes in a HUGE 500-yard ball. One skein makes a cowl, the pattern for which is on the label. Or you could make a one-skein scarf. It stripes gradually, with great colors.

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