Wednesday, January 19, 2011

People Say the Nicest Things

Lately, we've gotten some wonderful feedback, and I wanted to share. I sure appreciate all the wonderful, helpful staff that work with me here, and I love how we have created this wonderful, loving community of crafters.

I want to tell you what a wonderful shop you have. Last Saturday I was in Wichita to visit my brother and had a few hours to kill before he got off work. I came in and was warmly welcomed - wanting to stay, I ran out to my car to bring my knitting in and had a very enjoyable time knitting on your sofa. Of course I had to buy something, and after asking for help finding washable sock yarn and I was directed to a lovely, inexpensive wool.
Thank you for providing a learning and caring environment. To keep oneself an interesting person...learn something new! I have met many, many interesting people at Twist. Wonderful new friends may be made at Twist!
Susan, your warm personality and sharp wit, along with your knowledge & skill really made me feel comfortable...I look forward to learning to make socks!

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