Friday, October 29, 2010

Gift Ideas, Day Fifteen

Yarn Bowls

Ever wonder what to do when your ball of yarn skips away from you (and the dog chases after it, or the cat has her way with it...)  Here is an elegant solution.  A hand-thrown pottery bowl with a pretty swirl cut in the side, expressly designed for holding yarn.  We have small, large, and lidded varieties. ($30-$60 each).

These are made by our friend Jill down the street, who owns Wichita Pottery.  Wichita Pottery is home to the Secret Gallery, and is a beautiful gallery and studio space, where they teach classes and exhibit fine art.  We are so excited to have Jill's work!


amj523 said...

How did I miss these at SnB last night? Beautiful!

twist said...

You didn't miss them - we just got them this morning!