Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Button Fest!

Here's a note from Nanetta about Button Fest:
What's on the worktable this week?  Florals and metallics.  I achieved some delicate, translucent, pearlized petals with the use of alcohol inks.
My "cracker" buttons are stamped, then tinted with the inks and baked again.  These are actually itty-bitty buttons.  I think they look like little crackers.
The pearly-pink florals, (green button), are tinted with pink sherbet ink to get the subtle coloring.  The little flecks of white enchance the translucency in the petals.  On the gold button, (which is straight out of the oven and untrimmed), the petals take on a different hue.  These petals are given detail with a sculpting tool, resulting in a modeled and textured surface.
What about all those faces on the table? There are a couple on the way.  They were in the oven when the others got their moment in the spotlight.
Look for these and other new delights sometime on Friday.............

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