Thursday, April 1, 2010

What you do with paper yarn.

Since we got the paper yarn, everyone says, "Well, that's interesting. But what do you do with it?" We've come up with a couple of things.

Diane came up with a pattern for a hat. And, here's a bonus - if you turn it over and make the brim longer, it makes a bag! This is a free pattern offered in the shop. It makes an adult-sized hat (which I crocheted in the green) and a kid-sized hat (which Diane crocheted in the pink. I ought to add, even though I used a size bigger hook than she did, I'm pretty sure I crochet much more loosely than she does.)

We also have a couple of pattern books that feature this yarn. This shoulder bag is from one of them - Katia Sport. Katia publishes a series of magazines each year (one for babies, one for kids, one that's casual, one that's dressy. Sport is the casual one.) The pattern book has a lot of great patterns for spring and summer tops, also.

Next up - placemats! I'll post those with the pattern as soon as I'm finished making one.

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