Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year in Review

by Susan

For some unknown reason probably to do with excess yarn fumes I signed up for the “10 Shawls in 2010” group on Ravelry (and what deep Freudian impulse keeps me trying to say 20 in 2010?) Having done that I got some fresh air & came to my senses. What was I thinking? 10 shawls in a single year? I must be certifiable. Yarn fumes, it has to be the yarn fumes. I probably need danger money in this job! So there I was, doing the 3 o’clock in the morning thing, when I started counting up what I had actually finished this year. (There’s something about the humiliation of posting your unfinished projects that kinda speeds up the needles!)
This last year I knit (and crochet – yeah! go me!)
8 pairs of men’s gloves
6 pairs of fingerless gloves
15 shop samples (and let me tell you, I’m jolly upset that no-one else loves those cute American panties)
4 knit scarves (not including shop samples)
21 crochet scarves – it may be more. I sort of lost count. I wonder why?
6 ski bands
1 hat
1 ½ sweaters (I was finishing one for someone)
2 ¾ shawls
That’s not including the single sock.
So, 10 in 2010? Nooo problem.
One of my friends was talking about working through Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Knitters Almanac” this year. Where do I sign up?

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Ash said...

We were talking about that last night over here! Talking about Knitting up to about Midnight, has me feeling less overwhelmed about the mountain of Baby Knits I would like to do for everyone.

At 12:01, everything felt possible. Halfway through the day, it still feels possible, if I can afford it all. :D