Friday, January 8, 2010

Square Needles

We just got a shipment of Kollage's square needles. They have expanded their size range! We have sizes 4-10 in the 32" circular needles now, and square double-pointed needles in sizes US 0 - US 8.

They now offer square straight needles! They are 10" long, made of the same anodized aluminum. We have US 0 - US 4, and US 6 - US 9. (US 5 & US 10 are backordered, but we'll get them as soon as we can.)

Come in and give them a try! We always have a project on square needles available for test knitting.


Anonymous said...

what do square needles do?

twist said...

Here is what Kollage has to say about their needles.

Most everyone who tries them really likes them. A few people aren't crazy about the cables on the square circulars, but just like everything else, it's a matter of personal taste. Other people LOVE them.