Saturday, September 26, 2009

Movie Night!

Hey Twisters! Saturday, October 3, is Twist Movie Night - time to settle in a comfy chair or couch, share some snacks, watch a good film, and get some knitting done.

Bring a DVD if you’d like - we’ll vote on what to watch. Folks have suggested titles in the “Movie Night” thread on Ravelry’s Twist board if you’re looking for suggestions. Also, please bring a snack to share! Movie Night just ain’t Movie Night without something to munch on.

The fun starts next Saturday at 6! Hope to see you all there!

Movie Night Coordinator Extraordinaire


Debbie said...

I would like to come next Saturday evening. I have been in your shop a few times. I love it! I have a few projects which I want to finish up from some of my Mom's yarn. It is not from your shop, of course, she has been gone for about 10 years. Is that okay? You weren't around then to my knowledge.

twist said...

Hi, Debbie. You can definitely bring your projects and work on them, no matter where the yarn comes from.

We hope that you have such a good time that you become a regular customer.