Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweaters for Hens

Susan passed on this story of hens wearing hand-knitted sweaters. These are hens rescued from "battery farms" (the UK term for industrial poultry farms.) The hens lose their feathers in the overcrowded, unhealthy conditions. A lady runs a rescue service that adopts them, and solicits knitted sweaters for the poor, naked birds.


Tomatokid said...

Aww, that's really neat!
That would be the quickest dang sweater to make! ;-)

yarnopfile said...

My friend has chickens and wants some of these. Days after I told her about them, Wait Wait Don't Tell me asked a question about them. Which lead to the comment about itchy sweaters which lead to the backlash which lead to a major apology. It all started with the chickens. And if anyone's dying to knit chicken sweaters, send them to me & I'll pass them on. (She's also been begging for cat & rat sweaters. Surprisingly she has not requested dog, goat or horse sweaters. Though I'm sure she'd be excited for any of the above).