Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mama Earth says,

"Be good to me. Get a bag from Twist."

Introducing our own reusable shopping bag!
It's a non-woven, polypropylene bag, just like you get at Dillon's. Only much cooler, because it says "Twist." You can get it for free by spending $75, or you can buy it for $3.25. (I'm sorry it's so much more than a Dillon's bag, but I'm a small operation!)

We also have these new bags from Lantern Moon, made in Cambodia from recycled fish feed bags. As with everything from Lantern Moon, they are fair trade. For more about the Lantern Moon company and their philosophy, see here.


Princessliak said...

Do you know how many reusable bags I have? AND now I need another one... I will just have to buy some yarn too. Evil temptress...

twist said...

That's my job! Evil temptation, all day, every day!

yarnopfile said...

flipping love these bags.
The yarn shop in durango gives away various sizes of bags with purchases (over some specified amount, i'm sure), but they don't have gussetted bottoms and are, thus, less cool & have more limited uses.
Twist is, as usual, the best.