Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So much to share!

It was a very busy weekend at the Women's Fair. We gave away 300 class schedules, and hopefully convinced many people to try knitting or crochet for the first time. Thanks to the folks who came to the booth to help out - luckily, Lanora brought her camera!

Thanks also to the people who helped out at the shop while I was at Century II!


A note about parking:
Parking is available behind the shop during regular hours, and we can also use the spaces behind our neighbors on Thursday and Saturday nights. I don't leave the back doors unlocked, but the grey door with the "Twist" sign has a doorbell, and we're glad to answer it and let you in!
The back lot has been graded and covered with gravel - no more mud (YAY!).


Spring yarns are arriving this week - cotton blends, new sock yarns, and felted bag patterns from Noni. We've also gotten these great grass baskets from Africa - flexible, but durable. In round (shown) and tote styles, and a smaller one perfect for socks! (just like the round one, only small.) $39.95 for the big ones, $25.95 for the small ones.


Knitting Essay on NPR

Susan Stamberg's essay on knitting aired on February 17th. If you missed it, check it out here. It's fantastic - she talks about knitting while covering Watergate in the 70's, quitting smoking in the 80's; and now during a historical presidential election, she's knitting a blanket for her first grandbaby.

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Jen in KS said...

Shelly, I can attest to the usefulness of those baskets. I bought a tote style basket at the last big quilt show a couple years ago, and it holds A LOT...more than a sweater's worth of yarn. And I'm a big girl.