Monday, January 14, 2008

Knit Oblique!

Another Knit-Along! (Are we crazy?! No, we just want to have a variety of KAL choices, because it's always more fun to knit with friends!)

Oblique is this lovely cardigan designed by Veronik Avery. You can find the pattern and yarn requirements on When I e-mailed Veronik for permission to use her pattern, this is what she said:
I'm flattered that you're interested in starting a knit-along for
Oblique - of course you have my permission. I'll watch your blog with
interest and I'll put a link to your store very soon. Your website
looks great!

Thank you, and please let me know if I can be of any help.

Okay, I haven't quite recovered from hearing from two design superstars in one week.

We think that Cascade's Eco Wool would be a good choice for this cardigan, or another similar chunky yarn.

Meetings for Oblique will be once a month, on the second Thursday from 4-6pm. If you can't make it that early in the afternoon, don't worry. Just come by after work. If it goes on into the evening, so be it. We'll start February 14th.


J. Denae said...

I'm sooooooo there!!! How exciting!

Kiersten said...

Oh. My. Word. Shelly, you do realize that you're tempting us to actually LIVE at the shop with all these KALs, right? How fun!

Lara said...

Awesome! That's during my girls' choir, so I'll be there anyway. Hmmm, do you have Eco-wool in black?

Anonymous said...

I printed this pattern out a month ago because it's so beautiful. I would really like to join in on the KAL (could us the guidance and company), but with the "monsters" will have to consider working on it from home. :(

Initsox said...

I'm in! And of course I had to be the difficult one - changed the yarn all ready and now I am thiking about the pattern & doing it all in one piece. LOL!!