Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Final Friday and Movie Night

Final Friday was a blast. Thanks to the Wichita KIP group for volunteering to sit and knit - and for bringing goodies! I got lots of compliments on what a great shop I have and how inviting it is, and I know it's because you guys provide a welcome for everyone who comes in the door. We had a huge crowd and got many kudos from the Wichita arts community.

Movie night was fun, too. Once we (I) took care of some brightness issues (ahem) and we could actually see the movie, it was even better.

Confession time: the lovely dark-haired lady in the foreground is my good friend who came to visit from out of town. She doesn't actually knit. I made her hold my sock for the picture.


Lanora said...

Wow--it's great to see men in the audience. What supportive husbands! Wish I could've been there.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested in learning how to knit. I just need my life to settle down for a while. I know where to go to get my supplies once I start though!